4 Cities That Will Pay You To Live There

Want a change of scenery? What if a city offered to pay you to move there?

Lets break down some of the cities that are offering cash, free land, and incentives to relocate!

Detroit, Michigan

Okay, so Detroit might not be in your top 5 or even top 25 places you would like to live. We all know they have had their fair share of economic issues over the past decades. Looking beyond that they have certain incentives setup to lure in and keep new residents.

  • Up to $20,000 toward the purchase of a new home
  • $2,500 allowance for new renters for the first year, and $1,000 for the second

Click here for those Detroit details.

Curtis, Nebraska

This is perfect if you love golf or at least don’t mind living near a golf course!

Curtis has an all-grass, nine-hole golf course with plenty of plots of land available. They are utility ready and are located on paved streets. The catch is that you have to agree to build a house.

Claim your free plot of land here: http://www.curtis-ne.com/amlots.php


Alaska, yes the whole state. Alaska has an incentive program that pays you cash called the Permanent Fund Reserve. It’s like profit-sharing and it averages around $1,250/year and occasionally has gone all the way up to $3,000/year.

  • $1,2500 – $3,000/year for living in Alaska – Read about it here

Harmony, Minnesota

Harmony, located in southern Minnesota refers to itself as “a nice place to visit, even better place to live.” The Harmony Economic Development Authority (EDA) launched a rebate program that offers a cash rebate up to $15,000 for building a home. Get more info here.


Would you be willing to relocate to any of these for their incentives? Personally I love the cold so Alaska isn’t looking too bad!



Thank you for reading!

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