6 Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash in 2016

We’re still early in this brand new year.

It’s a time with great potential and perfect for upping your game by refreshing your good money habits and adding to your income in new ways.

The Best Ways to Make Money in 2016

1.) Yell About Politics

Have strong opinions about Donald Trump? Something to say about Bernie or Hillary?

Rather than rant to your friends about your candidate, you can earn a few bucks sharing your opinion on survey sites.

Harris Poll is a highly recommended one but there are also plenty of other great paying survey sites.

2.) Surf the internet

Yes, you can even earn extra cash doing what you already do each day. Trade Google for Bing and earn rewards when you search.

Bing pays up to 100 credits each week which is around a dollar in value. You can use the credits to get giftcards like Amazon, Starbucks and Sephora.

They also have some easy bonus tasks that can be done for extra earnings.

3.) Start Answering “Yes” to “Do you need a receipt?”

I never really glanced at my receipts, my mother would be horrified that I wasn’t double checking what I was charged, sorry mom!

Nowadays I’ve changed my tune thanks to apps like Ibotta. It’s easy to use, you just search the app to see what items you purchased are eligible for cash rebates.

Then you just snap a picture of your  receipt and earn cash back! Its very simple.

What’s great is they give cash rebates on even common purchases like milk, eggs, orange juice, and a lot more.

4.) Download Some Apps

A lot of app developers will pay cash to get you to download their apps.

Some companies, including Google, are willing to pay you to install their apps on your smartphone. They’ll also pay you for every month you keep them installed.

The apps collect data from your phone to help them better understand mobile and web usage.

Here are my favorites — install all of them and earn up to $300 per year or more:

  • SurveySavvy — Once you download and install their app they will pay you around $60 to keep it installed on your smartphone. They also have high paying surveys that show up once they find a fit for you.
  • Nielsen Digital Voice — Nielsen, the well known marketing company, has a program called Digital Voice where you can earn sweepstake entries to win prizes from $25 to $1,000 per month.
  • Nielsen Reward TV — Like Trivia? Watch your favorite TV Shows, and then head to Nielsen Reward TV to compete in trivia and earn gift cards.
  • Screenwise Trend Panel — This is Google’s program that pays you up to $150/year to keep it installed.

5.) Do What You Love

There is no better time to turn your hobby into your side hustle.

If you make art or crafts, you should try selling your goods on etsy or Amazon Handmade. My mom is retired and she makes $400-$800/mo selling her art on etsy. It took me years to convince her to try selling online instead of just at craft shows, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Can you make graphics/logos? Have a popular social network page with lots of fans? You can sell custom art work or even charge people in exchange for posting their ads on your social pages if you have enough followers. Head over to fiverr to learn more.

6.) Declutter — Out with the old, in with the Cash

Have a lot of clutter laying around, especially after the holidays?

Don’t let it just sit around! You can have a yardsale, take it to your local flea market, leave it at consigment shops, list on craigslist, post to ebay, or even sell on Amazon!

Take it from me, when I sell a few items I no longer need I feel great. It’s like making room for better things in your life by getting rid of the old. Plus you wont accidentally trip over it anymore.

Earning Throughout the Year

Those are just a few ideas for you to mull over. Throughout the year keep your eyes peeled for good deals and ways to earn. Make sure to stay tuned to EarnSaveWin.com for more tips throughout the year.

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