Get $20 Off a Target Purchase with Curbside

So this is pretty interesting. Curbside is a site that allows you to pickup your order from Target and other retailers right at the curb.

For a limited time they are giving $20 off any purchase to try out their site. The only downside is this only works in certain areas right now: Greater Bay Area, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York/New Jersey Area. So if you live near there you are in luck!

How to get $20 Off with Curbside

  1. Signup at
  2. Download the App (you will receive an email)
  3. Click the button in the email to apply the $20 Curbside credit
  4. Add items to your cart
  5. When you click the shopping cart icon to review your order, your $20 discount will be applied to your total.
  6. Complete your order and go pick up your item at the Curbside!


Unfortunately for me they are not operating in my city yet. If you live in an area they are operating in, you should jump on the deal, can’t beat a free $20! And don’t forget about our other free $20 deal!

Thank you for reading!

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