Free Shirt from Uniqlo

This seems to be the trend of the year, businesses offering free products/services to get you to use their apps or sign up for their free rewards programs. Might as well take advantage of them while they are around!

UNIQLO is offering your choice of Men’s or Women’s AIRism T-Shirt for FREE when you sign up for their Rewards program, “Uniqlo Rewards”. You have to aquire the airism Badge, which is as as easy as installing their app and clicking inside it.


How to Get a Free Shirt from UNIQLO

  1. From a mobile device, visit this page -> (must click this from a mobile device)
  2. Sign up inputting your name, email, and Zip Code.
  3. You will receive an email with your Reward which can be used In-Store (do not click to accept your reward until about to redeem it, clicking on it displays the information for the cashier)

Make sure to redeem In-Stores before it expires on 4/2/17!


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