Let Google Buy You $150 Worth of Pizza This Year

Yes, Google will actually buy you pizza. Enrolling in their latest program can get you $156 worth this year!

You can actually spend the money they give you on Domino’s, Paypal Cash, Starbucks, Prepaid Visa, Walmart, Best Buy, or even Amazon Gift Cards.

What’s their program called? Screenwise Trends, and its been going on for years!


What is Screenwise Trends?

Screenwise Trends is a panel setup by Google to understand web and mobile usage better. They are after data such as what times of day people browse, if they access the same sites on mobile/tablet that they do on their PC, and what kind of apps & sites are popular/trending.


How to Get Started

  1. Signup at Screenwise Trends
  2. Install their browser extension
  3. Optionally install their mobile/tablet Chrome browsers
  4. Use your browser like you normally do

It runs in the background but does not slow anything down. You sort of set it and forget it.


How to Get Paid

When you signup they will give you a bonus up to $6! Then each week you can earn $1-$3/week depending on your setup.


Once you start earning money through Google’s Screenwise Trends you can start redeeming for those Domino’s Gift Cards! It’s basically like getting $25 worth of pizza every other month. If pizza isn’t your thing they have tons of other rewards to get including Paypal Cash and Prepaid Visa Cards.


This is easy to setup, and is an easy source of passive income you can start receiving today.

Good luck fellow earners!


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Thank you for reading!

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