Yerdle Alternative now that Yerdle is shutting down

Yerdle, a site dedicated to swapping items, has announced they are closing down officially on November 23rd.

I’ve blogged a lot about Yerdle before and really enjoyed using it myself but as the years have gone on it was clear something was happening. Prices in Yerdle Dollars kept increasing and the great items seemed to be snapped up in an instant by people with large Yerdle balances. It seemed like a case of inflation and just not getting the kind of growth that might curb it. In their blog post announcing the closure they cited “The cost of operating the marketplace is not supported by the revenue the marketplace generates”.

Either way, it will be missed as Saving Money and Swapping I think still have their place online and offline.

If you are looking for a Yerdle Alternative, try SwapCaps. We mentioned them in an earlier post and they have a nice twist to the concept of swapping. You can swap your items and if you cannot find another person item you would like, you can cash out for a gift card instead.

For a limited time, they are giving new users 250 “Caps” to spend which is enough to get 1 free item. So go grab your free item while that promotion lasts.

Let us know if you used Yerdle and if you know of any other alternatives!

Thank you for reading!

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