How to Get Free Clothes Online – $100s of Dollars Worth!

Free deals like these are great for your budget. Saving money and making extra money are two sides of the same coin.

Lets jump right it, I’m going down the list starting with the best sites.



1.) FashionStash – $5+ Worth of Clothing


No longer recommend FashionStash. Their facebook page has a lot of negative posts and they dropped their new user bonus from $30 to $5.

2.) Yerdle – Closing Down 🙁


3.) Schoola – $30+ Worth of Clothing

Schoola is one of the top sites right now to get free clothes, and my personal favorite.

They have a huge selection and give free store credit to all new users as long as you join through a promo link such as this one. Just by joining you get $20 credit to spend, they also have free shipping right now. If you use the coupon HERO (exp 1/17) at checkout you will also receive 50% off so you can get $40 worth of clothes. (edit: I believe they now charge $6 shipping to new members)

Check out our post on how to stretch your store credit to get $60+ dollars worth of clothes. Also if you download the Schoola app, you wont need to put in any payment information when ordering.


4.) Poshmark App – $10+ $5+ Worth of Clothing

edit: Poshmark lowered the bonus from $10 to $5

Poshmark is a Clothing App that mainly has women’s clothing. Right now they are giving $10+ $5 to all new members.

Download the Poshmark app for IOS or Android, open app, click on signup with email, then use the invite code JBAHQ during sign up. If you use that code your account will have a $5 credit.

I’m not sure if they still have discounted/free shipping for new users. Right now they charge 5.99 for shipping so you can get 1 item for $4 for free. There are plenty of items at the $4 price like beanies, socks, hats, socks, underwear, and more. You can also find users selling items for $5-$9 and ask them if they will take $4 or put in an offer at $4 to get the item completely free.


5.) Gilt – $20 Worth of Clothes

Gilt is a site that sells mainly women’s clothes but they also have some men’s, kid’s, and items for your home. Right now they are giving $20 to all new members.

After signing up you can look through the categories and sort by lowest price to find items. Shipping is $8, so you can add items to your cart up to $12, that way it will be 100% free. For more information check my article on free socks from gilt.

The Gilt deal appears to have expired.


6.) Swapcaps – $2.50 Worth of Clothes/Accessories is a trading/swapping site. New users get $2.50 to spend but sometimes there are clothes, jewelry, makeup, and other items that you can spend that on getting you something completely free. You can also list items you no longer want as a way to sort of swap with others without having to spend money.



Not quite as free but still a good deal!


7.) ThredUP – $20 off your first order

I wasn’t sure if I should include this or not. ThredUP used to have a 100% free deal but now they are only giving out $20 off your first order. They charge 5.99 for shipping so you can get $20 worth of clothing and you only have to pay the $5.99 shipping charge.


8.) Mercari App – $2 off your first order

Just incase you have no heard of this app, Mercari lets you buy and sell clothing like Poshmark. They have a bonus going on now that gives new users a $2 credit. Simply download their app (available on iOS and Android), and use code YADGJZ during sign up.

9.) Ministry of Apparel – $50 off your first order of $85+

Ministry of Apparel makes quality clothes, mens & womens. They have a promotion going on now where you can get $50 off your first purchase of $85+. Use this promotional link to grab the discount.


Ways to Get Even More Clothes

 A few of the sites mentioned have referral programs where if you refer your friends to them they will give you more money to spend ranging from $5-$20 per friend. Once you join and get familiar with their site, think about sharing your referral link on facebook/twitter/instagram to get even more free clothes!


If you know of any other sites to get free clothes on be sure to let us know below! Also, let me know what you got for free!


Edit: 10/26/26 – So many changes with these programs! I’ve cleaned up the list but keep in mind they do change frequently. Yerdle has ended their promotion and is closing down. Added Ministry of Apparel.

Thank you for reading!

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