How to Get Free Clothes from Schoola

Lately I have been seeing deals keep popping up for free clothes, and have been trying them all out because… free clothes. This has been my favorite reoccurring deal this year for free clothing! Right now you can get $60+ worth of free clothes!

Ready for some free clothes? I’ve gotten great shoes, an awesome Michael Kors sweater, and more completely free from Schoola. They want new users to join their site and to entice you to join they are giving ~$60+ worth of store credit. You do not have to pay shipping which makes this a completely free deal!

Lets jump right into it! Follow these steps and get you and your family some free clothes:

1.) Click join in the top right of, get +$20 Store Credit

2.) At the top of the screen, click “Collections” and then click Create A Collection on the top left. Create a collection with your size information, get +$10 Store Credit

3.) Browse the site and add items to your cart that you want. Stay under $60 total if you don’t want to have to pay for anything over that. They have an “Under $5” section that can help to get the most items for your money.

4.) Go to the checkout and you should see a credit of $30 for you to use (the $20 for registering, plus the $10 for creating your first collection).

5.) Get 50% off your order with the coupon code FRIYAY (expires 1/10/2016)

6.) Checkout and enjoy your free clothes!

When checking out they may ask for a payment method, but will not charge or authorize your card. To avoid this you can checkout via their app and will not have to put in any payment info.

Let me know what you get below or if you know of any other great deals online!

Thank you for reading!

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