7 Best Survey Sites to Make Extra Money

Want an extra $100 or $200 per month? These are some legit survey sites I use to make $200/mo.

There are a lot of “survey sites” online that promise to pay you money for every survey you fill out. Not all sites are created equal, but these are some legitimate ones that I have used and have been paid by.

How to Make Money With Survey Sites

  1. Sign up to Survey Sites
  2. You may have to fill out a profile with demographic information, this is to match you up with surveys
  3. Login every few days to fill out any new surveys, some have surveys you can fill out everyday
  4. Cash out to your Paypal or receive a check in the mail

I’d recommend signing up to a all of them even though it might be a little time consuming.

And that’s because each site may only give you 1 or 2 surveys a month. This way you get a ton to do each month. Make sure to click on any confirmation emails you receive so your account will be active so they can send you survey invites.

Complete all the surveys you are offered and you should earn $100 or more every month.

Here are my favorite survey sites…

1.) SwagBucks — This is a definitely an internet favorite because of the wide variety of ways to earn extra cash beyond taking surveys. They also pay you for installing a toolbar and completing small offers.

2.) MyPoints — This site is great because its been online since the 90s so it is reliable. You can rack up points through surveys but they also let you earn through playing games, watching videos, and downloading apps!

3.) Harris Poll Online — This is a personal favorite as its owned by the Nielsen company (so you know they’re a legitimate company with deep pockets). They also occasionally invite survey panelists to local focus groups as another way to earn money.

4.) SurveySavvy — Their survey payouts are amongst the highest in the industry. I once got paid $85 for a 40 minutes survey. Every survey pays cash, and they also offer up to $60 for installing their app on your PC or phone/tablet.

5.) Prolific Academic — Prolific is another very reputable survey company.  They have real studies being done by universities wanting short surveys answered for $1-$10+. They show you the price they are paying per survey, how long it will take, and what its about.

6.) StuffPoints — This site reminds me of SwagBucks but with less options. They have a Daily Survey section that seems to never run out of surveys where you can earn $2-$7/daily.

7.) CashCrate — This one has both offers you can complete for cash and a daily survey option.

Bonus!) Nielsen Digital Voice — Nielsen, the well known marketing company, has a program called Digital Voice where you can complete surveys for entrees to win prizes from $25 to $1,000 per month.

Let me know your experiences with these companies in the comments below.

Also, these aren’t all the survey companys out there, just my current favorites.

Note: Unfortunately, most survey sites only accept members from the U.S./Canada/UK.


Thank you for reading!

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