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Make Money From Your College Classes

Are you a college student looking to make extra money? Use this weird money making way to profit off your classes! It also works for recent grads, US and Canada.

I came across this site today and it seems like a great way to make some extra money for college students. I looked into it and it’s a legitimate business that’s been online for years and has been written about on various large media sites like TechCrunch. Over 600,000+ current and former students use it. Its a neat way to make money off of your college classes.

They pay you for uploading your class notes, lecture notes, textbook notes, and exam notes. You can even get paid for adding exam dates for your specific class! At the very least that way you’ll be reminded of when it is.

How To Get Started

  1. Signup to OneClass
  2. Add your courses to your OneClass profile
  3. Visit the My Uploads page to see what notes you can upload and how to earn money

Get Paid When Students Download Your Notes

Once students start downloading your notes, you will start racking up points on OneClass. As soon as you have $10 worth you can redeem for any of the following: $10 Best Buy Gift Card, Starbucks, H&M, Amazon, or $10 Paypal Cash.

We recommend redeeming for the Starbucks card, the caffeine boost should keep you awake during class!



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