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Ever walked through your apartment and glance at some item that you have never used. It just sits there taking up space and you think about it every time you pass by. You could throw it away, donate it, give it away, create a listing on ebay, try to hawk it on craigslist, or stealthily leave it at a friends house. For items I cant be bothered to sell that my friends wont even take off my hands I list on Yerdle. Yerdle lets me declutter and feel good about the item going to someone who actually wants it and will appreciate it.

Yerdle is the best swapping app you’ve never heard of. The concept is simple enough. You signup, download their app, take a picture of something you no longer want, and then send it off when its requested. When someone wants your item Yerdle gives you a prepaid postage to printout, and you just have to package it up then drop your box off at UPS no cost to you!


I’ve given and received dozens of items so far. I’ve given away brand new alarm clocks I won from sweepstakes, dvds, stuffed animals, duffel bags, old games, books, and more. So I was able to get rid of items that I would have never used for free and no hassle buying shipping or anything like that. What I got back in return was really amazing. I’ve gotten brand new jackets/shirts, new hot wheels for my nephew, new My Little Ponys for my niece, hiking boots, champagne glasses, new apple earbuds, jewelry, and much more.

I’ve used lots of sites like Yerdle over the past 10 years and Yerdle handles swapping items better than any of its predecessors. For me its actually relaxing to get rid of a few items, theres something to be said about clearing out things from your life that no longer serve a purpose!


So if you want to get rid of some stuff or get some new stuff go ahead and signup to Yerdle today!

Thank you for reading!

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