Get Paid to Eat Fast Food

If you enjoy fast food or even eating out this might be for you!

I’ve done Mystery Shopping over the past 10 years and have been paid to shop at lots of places. One of the most popular places that need Mystery Shoppers are restaurants especially fast food.


How Does It Work?

After signing up to a legitimate mystery shopping site you would be able to see a list of shops in your area available with the amount of money they pay. Most pay between $5-$30 for completing the shop and pay for anything you buy/eat at the store.

You would select a shop, be given guidelines of what to look for while in the store, have to go to the store observing whats going on around the business, and then return home to file a report answering questions of what you saw. It’s similar to those surveys you can answer on the back of receipts but get paid a lot more for it.

It really is as easy as it sounds.


Who Can Do It?

Anyone! Most might ask if you have a car so that they know you would be able to get to the shops, but that’s about it for requirements. You do not need a degree or any previous work experience as a Mystery Shopper!


How to Get Started

  1. Apply to join a Mystery Shopping site, these I have personally worked for and loved! Best MarkMarket Forceand ACE Mystery Shopping.
  2. After your application is approved you will be able to login and select the jobs you want.
  3. They then provide you with all the instructions, and once you shop you will have to provide feedback on their site.

My best tip I can offer is carefully read the instructions they give you for each job!


Beware of Scams

There are online websites that promise Mystery Shopping jobs that are looking to scam you. The companies I mentioned above are 100% legit and I have personally worked for.

To avoid scams, NEVER pay to join a mystery shopping site. The legit ones never ask for payment from you.

There are lots of real mystery shopping companys out there but you just have to be careful and research them before hand.


Let me know if you’ve worked for any before and what your experiences have been!



Thank you for reading!

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