6 Ways to Make Money From Home If You Live in Canada

Working from home is pretty awesome. Besides not having to be stuck in traffic or deal with unreasonable customers, you can wake up when you like and set your own schedule.

We put together a list of legitimate work from home opportunities for Canadians. Most of our site is dedicated to people in the US, we felt bad for leaving out our northern neighbors!


1.) Complete Consumer Surveys

You’ve probably heard of sites where you can complete surveys for cash from home. Some great Canadian survey sites to join are: Swagbucks, MyPointsVIP Voice SurveyHarris Poll, SurveySavvy (requires installing their app), Prolific AcademicStuffPoints.

Swagbucks, a very reputable company that has given out over $100 million in rewards over the past 10 years.


2.) Surf the Internet

This one is great because you just set it and forget.

Did you know that Swagbucks will pay you everytime you make a search on your pc or smartphone?

I usually earn about $120/year in passive income doing this, plus they give you $5 just for joining.

Take 30 seconds to sign up and then reset your default search engine to Swagbucks (it’s powered by Yahoo search, so it’s the same results you’d normally see).


3.) Sell stuff/services on Fiverr

You only get to keep $4 from each sale, but if you can provide a digital product/service or something that doesn’t take you much time, then those sales could add up quickly.

This is also great if you want to practice design/art by selling logos and custom drawings for $5. You can get better at design while making money. If that sounds great, check out Fiverr today.


4.) Get a $10 Gift Card From MyPoints

If you haven’t joined MyPoints yet, now is the best time. Its a cash-back site that rewards you for shopping online, printing coupons, and even surveys. They’ve been around since the 90s so they are legit.

Right now they are giving a free $10 Gift Card to new members after they make a qualifying purchase through a cash-back link. Here are the steps:

  1. Sign up for MyPoints using your email or Facebook Account
  2. Make a $20 purchase on Walmart/eBay/Groupon or other store (using the MyPoints portal).
  3. MyPoints will reward your account with enough points to redeem for a $10 Gift Card.


5.) Become a Mystery Shopper

Okay, so this isn’t working directly from home but it can get you free food/groceries/products. How it typically works is you would accept a store to mystery shop at, go shopping, and then return home to fill out a report of what you saw. So the form filling happens at home.

I’ve done Mystery Shopping for awhile and at the very least its good for a free meal. Best Mark is one legit Mystery Shopping company available in Canada that I personally worked for.


6.) Work your own hours as a Transcriptionist

If you can type at an above average speed, this might be the thing for you. You would be paid to listen to audio in order to type out what you hear. The work can be repetitive by having to listen to audio repeatedly but you do get to work from home.

An added bonus is this also requires no degree and no prior experience. Most places will have a tutorial for you to get you started off. I’ve spent time transcribing before and you can make $5-$20/hour depending on the job.



Buzzoole – Earn Amazon.ca Gift Cards if you have a lot of social media influence. 100+ Twitter Followers or 200+ Facebook Friends are enough to participate.





Which opportunity on this list looks most appealing to you? What other work-from-home jobs in Canada should we include? Share yours below, its okay to include a referral link!


Thank you for reading!

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