Don’t Just Toss Your Receipts! Not Before Checking for Free Stuff!

If you refuse receipts or toss them immediately after getting them without looking them over, Stop!

Its very common for those receipts to have customer satisfaction survey invites that give discounts, sweepstakes entries, or my favorite free food!

You complete the short questionnaire online or via phone, and you usually write a redemption code on the receipt which lets the business know you took the survey and that you can get your freebie.


A lot of freebies on receipts will be at new locations where their corporate offices want to have tangible evidence of how the location is being received by the public. They want to know if the place is clean, if you get your order quickly, and if you had any problems. After doing one of these, you can usually breeze through in a few minutes.


There are three main types of survey invites you will find on receipts:

  1. Instant Reward such as a free food item.
  2. Discount on your next purchase.
  3. Entry into a weekly/monthly sweepstakes

Instant Rewards are my favorite! There’s nothing like getting your receipt and seeing a free chick-fil-a sandwich waiting for you at the bottom. 🙂

Discounts are great if you visit the store a lot or even if you want to try your hand at selling your receipt coupon on eBay. A lot of people pay big bucks depending on the discount and the store.

Sweepstakes Surveys are very plentiful out there. I’ve taken a lot but haven’t had any luck. Nowadays I ignore them unless I really want to give a store feedback, but its up to you whether or not you want to try. The odds usually very high because they include all stores/locations and not just the one you visited.

Free Food with Receipts

Lets break down some stores that can have rewards on their receipts.

  • Chick-fil-a: Free Chick-fil-a Sandwich
  • Popeyes: Free 2-Piece Chicken and Biscuit w/ Large Drink Purchase
  • Dunkin Donuts: Free Donut w/ Med Drink Purchase
  • Subway: Free Cookie
  • Smash Burger: Free Fries
  • Kroger: 50 Fuel Points
  • Petsmart: $3 off next purchase
  • Victoria’s Secret: $10 off your next purchase of $50 or more


This isn’t the only way to make money with your receipts though. Have you downloaded the Ibotta App yet? They give you cashback for certain purchases each week. All you have to do is take a picture of your receipt.

So take a second to glance at your receipts, you might just save yourself a couple bucks if not more!

Do you ever fill out the customer surveys on receipts? What are some things you’ve been rewarded?

Thank you for reading!

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