Earn Gift Cards as a Secret Shopper with this App

Ever wanted to make money as a mystery shopper but didn’t know where to start?

There are a lot of websites out there that talk about mystery shopping but you have to wade through the clutter to find ones that actually work.

Here is a mobile app that’s the real deal!

mobee ( android | ios ), use invite code 9LDV for a bonus, is one of the easiest legit mystery shopping apps out there. Depending on the city you live in they have “missions” available to go out and mystery shop. I was able to complete missions at Staples, a local bike shop, a local liquor store, and subway. Most involved simply accepting the mission, walking into the store, seeing if help is offered while I browse, and seeing if the cashiers ask certain questions.

If you have never done any mystery shopping before this is a great way to dip your toes into it. Also once completing a mission you can now add Mystery Shopper to your resume!


1.) Download the mobee app

2.) Use invite code 9LDV for a $3/3,000 point bonus after your first mission

3.) Open the app, look for orange dots marking businesses

4.) Tap the dot, read the mission, then decide if you want to accept it

After completing your mission and answering questions through the app you will receive your points for a job well done. With your points you can redeem for rewards like $100 Visa Gift Cards (10,000 points), $5 eBay Gift Cards (500 points), Redbox Rentails (200 points), and more. The missions available in my town range from $3/300 points to $13/1,300 points.


Have you ever done any Mystery Shopping before?

I’d love for you to post in the comments if you have ever done any Mystery Shopping before and if you have any other companies you have worked for successfully.


Thank you for reading!

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