Free Yoga Apparel & Gear from Yes I Yoga

You can score some Free Yoga Apparel & Gear from Yes I Yoga right now during their pre-launch. I participated in similar launches before receiving things like a free bike and $200 worth of Crooks and Castle apparel. I like these types of promotions but you do have to do some leg work to get referrals.

How to Score Free Yoga Apparel

  1. Sign up at Yes I Yoga
  2. Grab your referral link
  3. Share it with your friends. The more friends you get to signup, the bigger your reward will be.

What can I get for free?

The rewards they are giving out are:

  • 5 friends = free pair of non-slip yoga socks
  • 10 friends = free pair of custom leggings (your choice)
  • 25 friends = free yoga studio outfit (your choice sweatshirt + pants)
  • 50 friends = free complete yoga wardrobe (your choice leggings, tank-top, tote bag and mat)

Is Yes I Yoga Legit?

I dug into this company and they have been selling their non-slip yoga socks on Amazon under the name Dhyana Fitness, so they are indeed legit. Check out their socks and reviews on them below. The ones you win for referring 5 friends I imagine will be very similar.


I’m not big on Yoga apparel so I’m skipping this promotion. Feel free to post your referral links in the comments or use any referral links in the comments when signing up!



Thank you for reading!

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