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Picture this. It’s New Year’s Eve and you’ve had a little too much to drink or maybe you’ve lost your wallet amongst the throngs of drunken revelers. No worries! Stay safe and save by grabbing a free ride from Uber or/and Lyft, just dont lose your phone!

With New Years Eve being tomorrow, I figured I would share a tip on how to save a little money as well as stay safe. If you aren’t familiar with uber or Lyft, they are essentially taxi services available on your phone. You download their apps, plug in where you want to go, you get a price quote, and then you can request your ride where it shows up usually within minutes.

When I was younger I used to take taxis to & from work when no one was available to give me ride. I would actually walk the couple miles a lot but sometimes a taxi was just better if it was late or if I was very tired. I always hated how I’d call up a taxi and then have to stand around never knowing when it would show up. I love the fact that with uber/lyft it tells you exactly how many minutes away the driver is. If you are still using traditional taxis you really need to give these services a try.


From my experience uber/Lyft is quicker and cheaper than traditional taxis. I was in LA recently for work and got a taxi ride that costs me $60! I never even knew taxis could be that much. The next day I pulled my phone out and requested an uber instead. For the same distance & time, uber was only $25! It blew my mind, and I have been loving their services so far. I actually haven’t even taken a normal taxi since then.

Get a FREE ride from each service!

uber: Get your first uber ride free!

  1. Download the uber app
  2. Enter dougs1506ue on the Promotions tab

Lyft: Get your first Lyft ride free!

  1. Download the Lyft app
  2. Enter DOUG953010 on the Payment tab under Credit Code


Get more free rides:

After you’ve signed up and used their services they will give you a referral code like I’ve posted above. When people sign up with a referral code they will receive a free ride credit and you will receive a free ride credit if they end up getting a taxi. So make sure to take advantage of that if your friends ever decide to signup too.


Any experiences with uber/Lyft, let us know below! Also do you know any similar services? Different ones seem to be popping up lately in different regions, but uber/lyft are still the major ones.


Thank you for reading!

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