Get Paid to Watch TV

Get Paid to Watch Videos and TV

Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid to do the things you love? How about getting paid to watch TV and Movies! It’s possible and some people even do it for a living!

The full time jobs are hard to get as they are definitely in demand but there are also plenty of other opportunities to get paid to watch.

Here are some examples of how to get paid to watch TV.


1. Watch Shows on Netflix

Netflix pays people to watch their content. They hire “taggers” to watch their library of movies and shows categorizing them. What’s even better is you can do it from home!

These jobs are usually snapped up quick, as their are none available at the time of this blog post, but you can keep tabs on the Netflix job board for when they become available.


2. How I Got Paid $15 to Watch a Pilot Episode

A few years ago I was in Las Vegas visiting family and found myself at a mall off the strip. While I was walking around I got approached by a woman with a clipboard who offered me $15 cash in exchange for watching a pilot episode of a new TV show. I had time to kill so I took her up on her offer. I sat in a room watching the pilot episode of the TV Show Life. I had to fill out a short survey about the pilot and then I was out with my $15 Cash.

So keep an eye out for people with clipboards, it might pay to listen to them!


3. Get Paid to Play TV Trivia Games

With RewardTV, after you watch your favorite show you can visit their website to play a trivia game. You win points and can then redeem the points for Paypal, Cash, Gift Cards, and other rewards. They also enter you into a monthly sweepstakes for a chance to win $10,000 for each day you play.

RewardTV was created by the famous television rating company Nielsen so you can be sure people actually do get their rewards.


4. Get Paid to Watch Perk TV

The app pays you points to watch videos. You can redeem your points for gift cards like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and even Paypal Cash.

A lot of reviews for Perk TV suggest you can earn a few dollars per day by using their different apps and watching videos.


Have you ever been paid to watch TV?


Thank you for reading!

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