How To Make Money By Shopping Online

Effortlessly save money when you shop online.

Do you shop online? Would you want to save money with little to no extra work? You need to signup for Ebates!

Ebates is a cashback program that is partnered with all major online shopping portals to give you cashback! I’ve gotten cashback from shopping at Amazon, eBay, Uniqlo, Godaddy, Walmart, Kohls, and a few others.

Cashback programs usually work with you clicking on a link, say a link to which is on Ebates homepage. Ebates tracks that you went to for a shopping trip and if you make a purchase they will notify you of Pending Cashback from that purchase.

If you’re lazy like me, you really dont want to have to remember to visit Ebates before every single time you shop. With Ebates, this is no problem! They have browser plugins which will remind you when you are on sites that offer cashback. When the browser plugin notifies you that cashback can be earned, you just click a button and you will be credited for any shopping you do!

Ebates is by far the oldest and largest cashback portal and with their plugin that reminds you when there is cashback to be earned, its a very passive and easy way to get some cashback!

Join Ebates to get started and make sure to install their browser plugin!

1.) Join Ebates !

2.) Install the EBates Button (browser plugin)

3.) Enjoy effortless cashback!


Thank you for reading!

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