This App Instantly Pays via Paypal for Answering Questions!

Have you heart of 1Q? It’s an app that will alert you to random questions and will instantly pay you via Paypal for answering them!

I’ve used 1Q since the beginning of this year and have had no issues with it. I’ve received a couple questions and have been paid $0.50 instantly through Paypal every time. Whats great are the questions all seem to be multiple choice. So you just have to tap on your answer. Very simple and great to add to your list of money earning apps.

How to Get Instant Paypal Payments with 1Q

  1. Click to sign up with 1Q
  2. Pick your App IOS or Android
  3. Receive a text with a link to install their App
  4. Get alerts for Questions

They alert you via a normal phone alert, you might get 1 question per month depending on where you live.

Good luck earning!


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