Startup Datacoup will pay you for your data!

Would you sell your data for $5/mo?

What’s your data worth to you? This company will actually pay you if you let them monitor your online activity!

If you aren’t concerned with your online privacy, you could make a cool $50/year. The best part, its 100% passive income!

How to Sell Your Data to Datacoup

I’ve been selling my data to this company for the past 10 months. I’ve made ~$46, which isn’t a whole lot but it was 100% passive. I forget about it for a few months then login and withdraw my earnings. They will pay you based on what types of accounts you connect that they can monitor such as facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr, and more!

1.) Sign up at Datacoup

2.) Link your accounts! I’ve linked my facebook, twitter, googleplus, and a prepaid debit card.

3.) Let the cash pile up! They used to pay me $2/week, but now I’m down to $1.82/month.

Why do they buy data?

They package up all the statistics that they gather together on everyone, and then sell that data to other companies. So it’s not necessarily your individual information they are after, its larger trends, buying patterns, and online activity.

Are they legit?

They are. I’ve been selling them my data for almost a year with no problems. They raised money and are a real company. You can read more about them in this Forbes Article where they were interviewed.


For now I’ll continue selling my data to them. For me, it’s just another form of passive income I’m earning. It all adds up. 🙂

So, would you sell your data? A lot of websites you visit already sell your data to advertisers, at least this way we can get paid a little bit!

Thank you for reading!

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