Victoria’s Secret is Giving Away Gift Cards Worth $10 to $500!

Victoria’s Secret does this yearly promotion where they give out Secret Reward Cards valued between $10 and $500. For the next couple months they are giving out over 14 million reward cards!

I did this promotion last year and was able to get some gifts as well as items that I flipped online for a profit. I only entered for 10 cards last year but plan on getting 30+ this time around, guaranteeing me at least $300 in VS Gift Cards.

Let me show you how you can get the same.

This time around all you need is an 4” x 6” piece of paper or index card, two stamps, and two envelopes to get a random Secret Rewards card worth a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $500.

So you will be spending around $1 for each entry, and are guaranteed at least a $10 VS Rewards Card. Turning $1 to $10 is not a bad deal!

To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old and live in the United States/Canada/Puerto Rico. Official rules

 Two Ways to Get a $10-$500 VS Rewards Card

  • Make a qualifying $10+ purchase in-store
  • No purchase necessary, mail in an entry

You can do either method once per day until 3/28. The promotion starts at different times depending on if you are enrolled in Victoria Secret. I always wait until the third start date.

  • Angel Card Holders can start on Friday 2/12
  • Pink Members can start on 2/21
  • Non-Cardmembers can start 2/25 (This is when I will start sending entries in)

You can send out one letter per day until 3/28, and for every letter you send you will receive a VS Secret Rewards Card worth $10-$500.

How to Get a Free $10-$500 to Victoria’s Secret

1.) On a 4×6 index card or 4×6 piece of paper , hand write your:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Birthdate
  • Email address

2.) Hand write your address on an envelope, then put a stamp on it. (This is a self-addressed stamped envelope, or SASE.)

3.) Insert your handwritten index card and SASE into a #10 envelope, then mail it to:

Victoria’s Secret
Secret Reward Promotion
P.O. Box 139024
Dallas, TX 75313


Your envelope must be postmarked by March 28th. There is a limit of one per day. Follow the steps and check their official rules if you have any questions.

You could knock out 10 of these in one evening guaranteeing yourself at least $100 to spend at Victoria’s Secret. You could get yourself something, stock up on gifts, or even buy items to flip them on eBay/Amazon. Do 30 instead of 10 and you have yourself $300+ to spend at Victoria’s Secret.





Thank you for reading!

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