How to Make Money Selling Clothes on Poshmark

Is your closet overflowing with tops, dresses, handbags, shoes, and accessories you haven’t worn in ages? Instead of letting them take up valuable space and attract dust, turn them into cash with Poshmark.

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is an app available on ios and android that lets you buy/sell clothes. If you signup now they are giving $10 credit to all new members. When you open the app just click signup with email and enter the invite code JBAHQ to start with a free $10 credit. You can even use it to buy a free item!

Can you really make money selling on Poshmark? Well in 2014, users sold $100 million in clothing! In 2015 it doubled to $200 million in clothing sales for the year. There are lots of buyers on Poshmark and they are spending money and some sellers are raking it in like Alexandra who makes $5,000/mo on Poshmark selling thrift finds. The average Posher brings in $1,000/year in sales.

How to Use Poshmark

First, go through your closet grabbing things you wont wear again (preferably gently-used name-brand).

Take a photo with the Poshmark App of each item, writing a short description, and categorizing it. You also have to list a price. I like to search on Poshmark or eBay to find a similar item recently sold to get a good idea of what its worth.

Poshmark allows buyers to put in offers, so expect to receive some offers less than your listing price. You can ignore them, counter, or accept. If you accept or if a user pays your listing price you will get an alert on your smartphone and an email that your item sold.

When they email you about an item selling, you will also get a postage paid shipping label. Just package your clothing item up, print out and apply the shipping label, and then drop the item off at your closest USPS postal office. If its small enough you can even place it in your mailbox to be picked up by your mail carrier when they deliver your mail.

How to make the most money selling on Poshmark, Poshmark Tips!

  • Take great photos of the item, and a closeup of the tag that shows the size + material
  • Use a lint brush before snapping pics!
  • Mention if your item is from a smoke-free or pet-free home (important info for buyers with allergies!)
  • Respond to buyers questions in a timely manner, you will get smartphone alerts (tag users when responding like @username)
  • Avoid scams by only selling through Poshmark, dont arrange with Poshmark users to sell outside the site

My Poshmark Review

Buying on Poshmark

So I’ve sold and bought on Poshmark. Buying was easy and I felt safe with the Poshmark guarantee that lets you return an item if it doesn’t match the listing or if its a knockoff. My biggest regret was when I submitted an offer and the seller declined and then removed the item. I would have been open to negotiate.

My big win was when a seller had these awesome shoes but they were just a tad bit too pricey. They allowed the option to “bundle” and get 15% off. I bundled the pricey shoes with their cheapest accessory and got a great deal!

Selling on Poshmark

Now I’ve also sold a few items. To test the site I put up a small item for $5. It sold almost immediately! They paid shipping, so I just had to box it up and put their label on it. I got $2.05 from that sale. Selling items at higher prices is definitely recommended!

I also sold a sweater for around ~$25 and got to keep $21 after Poshmark took their fee. That was an earning win! It was an item that otherwise would have stayed in the closet indefinitely.

Once your item sells and the buyer receives it, you will get your money credited to your poshmark account. Once credited you can then request your money be paid to you via check (up to 2 weeks) or direct deposit (2 days). I opted direct deposit and had it deposited into one of my prepaid debit cards very fast.


So far I’ve had no issues. Buying was easy, items came relatively fast. Selling was great, I get money and my closet gets room for more things! I actually just like how roomier my closet is getting, it feels so much better. I’m a big fan of decluttering.


So I hope you found some of this info useful. Let me know what kind of experiences you’ve had buying or selling through Poshmark!

Thank you for reading!

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