5 Ways to Make Money with Amazon

Amazon isn’t just about buying stuff and having it quickly delivered to you, sometimes by drones. They have a lot of different services you can actually use to make money.

Let’s break down 5 great ways to profit off Amazon.

1.) Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Marketplace lets you list and sell items at fixed prices. You can sell products you’ve created to reach a new pool of potential customers. You can also even sell used/new items you have laying around your house.

A lot of people buy items in bulk or at wholesale, relabel them, and then sell them on Amazon. Examples of this is like earbuds or pieces of clothing. You can find items in bulk from places like AliExpress or Alibaba. It takes a lot of work to find items with not a lot of competition.

I use Amazon Marketplace to sell used items around my house or even new promotional items I receive. Selling used items is easy as you can just click Sell on Amazon on most listing pages. Then your item will be listed on Amazon. If it sells Amazon lets you print out a shipping label and deducts the cost from the payment you receive for selling the item.

2.) Amazon Homemade

Amazon Homemade lets you sell handcrafted items. I previously wrote about it here, you have to fill out an application and your items have to be handmade.

3.) Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon is an Amazon service where you can upload logos/artwork, and Amazon will sell them on T-Shirts and merchandise for you. This is great if you have an existing customer base to market to, or if your designs are unique and trendy.

4.) Amazon Trade-In

Amazon has a program called Amazon Trade-In where you can send your used items to Amazon or an Amazon partner and they will credit you with an Amazon Gift Card. It’s an option if you want to get rid of an item you no longer want without the hassle of dealing with selling it. You send it in and they credit you with a gift card. You most likely wont make as much compared to if you sold it directly to someone but its sometimes the way to go to just get rid of stuff.

5.) Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is a form of affiliate marketing. When you sign up you will be able to get links to any product or page on Amazon with a unique code added to the URL. If anyone makes a purchase within 24 hours of clicking that link, you will receive a small commission.

You can use this if you have a website or even if you post products on social media sites. Some people for instance have a sports related Twitter/Instagram, and then send out posts about products from Amazon that they can earn from.

My Thoughts

I’ve tried all of these except for Merch by Amazon. I still use Amazon Associates and the Amazon Marketplace. If you sell on eBay or similar sites, you should also be listing on Amazon to reach a bigger audience and get your inventory moving.

If any sound good, you should always try them out for yourselves and see whats the best fit for you.

Good luck Earning! Which ones have you used before?



Thank you for reading!

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