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Get Paid to Check Shelves in Stores with the EasyShift App

Here is another Mystery Shopping App. This one seems to pay more than Mobee, and might be a good addition to add to your Mystery Shopping routine.

EasyShift is an App available on ios and Android. After registering they will show you a map of stores near you that have jobs available. The jobs I see in my town are going to stores like Walmart, Food Lion, Target, Walgreens, Kroger, CVS, and others. Once there they want you to check if certain items are in stock and possibly take photos of the shelves. Jobs pay between $4-$11 and take around 30 minutes to complete. I have seen some users on the EasyShift forums discuss hour long jobs paying up to $28.

This is something you could do or try out when you are already headed to one of these stores.

How to Get Started with EasyShift App

1.) Register by downloading the app on IOS or Android.

2.) Open the App and look for jobs in your area.

3.) Take a job, go to it, complete the list of things to do which may include things like:

  • Taking Pictures
  • Talking to a Clerk
  • Checking Prices
  • Checking if item is in stock
  • Checking if a promotion is displayed

4.) After submitting your job, it will be reviewed and approved within 48 hours.


How to Get Paid with EasyShift App

Getting Paid with EasyShift is a lot better than most mystery shopping services just because they pay you via Paypal within 48 hours of having your task approved. A lot of mystery shopping apps require you to save up to minimum balance. So this is a great advantage for quick cash.

My Thoughts

  • Getting paid within 48 hours through Paypal is great
  • Shops are short and easy to do
  • Downside is there may not be a lot of shops in your area

Overall its worth a check if you are interested in Mystery Shopping, have been a Mystery Shopper, or use any of the other Mystery Shopping Apps.


Good luck and make lots of money!

Thank you for reading!

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